About Us


The Little beach Shack was founded by me, Dina. We are located in Maui, Hawaii, and can be found throughout the island. I started my business as a mother of three looking to share my passion for creating with everyone, not just my family. Since I was a child I loved working with my hands to create treasures out of the materials around me. I was inspired by the beautifully unique materials that the islands have to offer. The ocean’s gifts are like snowflakes, they can be similar but each is unique in its own way. I wanted to find a way to emphasize these beautiful gifts from nature through my jewelry to allow anyone around the world to have the opportunity to appreciate and experience the mastery that nature gives us. what started as a hobby has now transformed into The Little Beach Shack. Throughout this journey I have had some amazing mentors and helpers. Each piece is made made with love and a precious attention for detail. This website is another way for me to share my passion and the beauty of Hawaii with the world. Mahalo for visiting the Little beach Shack and becoming a part of this wonderful experience. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at littlebeachshack@maui.net or find us on Instagram at @littlebeachshack